Vision, Mision, History

Vision - 2020

To become a Reputable Higher Education Institution in Business and Informatics of which graduates have an excellent character and fullfill needs of society.


To educate and produce graduates with prominent personality and integrity, responsibility, high morality, and responsiveness to knowledge and technology advancement.


In 1985, starting from the desire to introduce applied computer science to Indonesian society, a number of educators from state and private Higher Education Institutions, and computer professionals established a Computer Course named Lembaga Ilmu Komputer Terapan Indonesia (LIKTI). By then, there were only a few people know how to use computers. Moments later, in conjunction with the opening of a one-year education which combined managerial and computer knowledge, the trade name LIKTI was changed into LIKMI (Lembaga Ilmu Komputer dan Manajemen Indonesia).

The rapid technology advancement increased people`s interest in learning computer science. To cater to the increasing demand, Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK) LIKMI was established. STMIK-LIKMI is a Computer Science Higher Education Institution that initially conducted D3 (a three-year diploma program) and S1 (a Bachelor`s Program) formal education for Information System Department. As STMIK-LIKMI flourished, the needs of means and facilities also increased that the Second Campus was eventually opened. It was located on #150 Pasirkaliki street, Bandung.

Campuses belonged to STMIK-LIKMI were built with modern infrastructure facility, including a computer lab with the latest technology, and a library the literature collection of which are continually renewed and completed. Following the Information System Department that had been established as the Institution`s predecessor, the Informatics Engineering Department was then opened in 2002.

To accommodate the need of IT professionals (such as CIO/ Chief Information Officer), STMIK-LIKMI opens Master Program in Information System, in year 2006. With this achievement, STMIK-LIKMI has become the first and only private universities in West-Java that conducting Master Program in IT Education.

In the mean time, STMIK-LIKMI keeps improving itself in all of its aspects - including its managerial aspect - to increase its education quality, for the sake of achieving its aim at PRODUCING EXPERTS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WITH GLOBAL QUALITY.