PT. Cipta Piranti Sejahtera (CPS)
Which has officially appointed STMIK-LIKMI as the sole Authorized Training Centre in Bandung for the Accurate Accounting Software.
Further information about Accurate Software

LIKMI - CDC (Career and Development Centre)
Companies channeling STMIK-LIKMI graduates to develop a career in the working world through a cooperative organization in LIKMI-CDC (Career and Development Centre).
Further information about LIKMI-CDC

Oracle University (Oracle Corporation, USA)
Which provides curriculum and support for International Certification in Oracle.

National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan
Which collaborates in e-learning research project.

Microsoft Corporation, USA
Which provides Microsoft softwares for academic usage.

Corel Corporation, USA
Which provides a Corel`s Software Training Program.

We are opening an opportunity to collaborate with other institutions/ agencies or companies. Please contact:

Mr. Djajasukma Tjahjadi
Kampus STMIK-LIKMI, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 96 Bandung
Phone : +62-22-2502121
E-mail :