1 Year Education Course


Business Application Computing

Nowadays, one`s competence depends on his technological proficiency. Professionals are required to at least be able to use computer application software. For those who desire to improve their proficiency in this field, we have opened BUSINESS APPLICATION COMPUTING course. Its subject materials contain:
  • Word Processor use in report and letter making
  • Spreadsheet use in data processing
  • Visual Programming and Database Management System use in constructing data processing application
  • Financial Accounting
  • English
  • E-Commerce
Academic Aim
Providing ready-to-use staffs who are capable of not only using computer but also creating various application courses for business world/ industries.

Professional Secretaries

A company`s operational success has to be supported by adequate administration system. To reach high efficiency in handling administrative chores, a secretary has to be capable of operating computer as a supporting device, especially in handling these task:
  • Report and Letter Making
  • Form Making
  • Worksheet Making
  • Accounting and Finance
  • File/ Data Management
  • Scheduling and Time Management
  • Office Management
Besides the above computer use, participants are also equipped with other knowledge, such as Personality Development, Public Relation, Banking, Typing, English, and Mandarin. Each secretary candidate is also given an opportunity to join in Beauty Class and Table Manner.

Academic Aim
Providing secretaries who perform not only conventional secretarial know-how but also knowledge in computer needed by business ventures/ industries.

Multimedia and Creative Design

The rapid multimedia technological advancement in hardware and software sectors have popularized multimedia field of expertise. The demand of manpower in this sector is increasing. Unfortunately, the existing formal and non formal educational institutions providing education in this sector are still inadequate, especially for those who wish to learn it instantly. Meeting the urgent needs of qualified and skillful manpower in interactive multimedia, LIKMI offers a one-year education in INTERACTIVE / ANIMATED MULTIMEDIA COMPUTER with these subject lessons:
  • Image Processing
  • Digital Photo Processing
  • Graphic Design Technique
  • Virtual Modeling/ Animation
  • Interactive Multimedia Technique
  • Animated Video Design
  • Interactive Multimedia Design
Academic Aim
Providing ready-to-use manpower in multimedia software field, especially the one using computer as interactive visual communication media.

Web Master

Internet use booming in 1990s has made the world undergo GLOBALIZATION era where information can not be restricted by a space. One of this information dissemination keys is world wide web technology. With this technology, anyone can get access to information anywhere and anytime. Consequently, there are more and more experts needed to develop web. Therefore, LIKMI offers an education course called WEB MASTER which contains:
  • Network Technology and Server Operating System
  • Web Graphic Design
  • Image Processing Technique
  • Web Layout and Design
  • Internet Programming
  • Web Database Design
  • Multimedia and Animation in Web
  • WAP Programming
Academic Aim
Preparing for ready-to-use staffs in information technology as WEB MASTERS, a term commonly used to call those who are profess as a Web Designer, Web Developer, and Web Administrator.