Did you know that our campus is:

  • One of the oldest campus in West Java (established in 1985) which focused on IT and business
  • The first private universities in West Java and 3rd in Indonesia to provide postgraduate course in Information Systems
  • Included in the range of 5 colleges that have the highest accreditation status on postgraduate program in Information Systems between + 4500 universities throughout Indonesia
  • The only university in Indonesia which has academic cooperation with RMIT Australia (Bachelor of IT program), Kaplan Business School Australia and Kaplan Singapore allowing STMIK LIKMI students can continue their studies last year and earned the prestigious title of those campuses

Bandung, the right choice to study in

Bandung, a city where STMIK-LIKMI operates, is very supportive to a conducive teaching-learning process. Bandung, a city with 3 million populations in 2003, is located on a plateau and a metropolitan city with mountainous atmosphere. Meanwhile the capital city of West Java, that in Dutch colonization era was known as Paris van Java, is a centre of industry, business, education, art & culture, and entertainment which closely related to information technology. The location of both STMIK-LIKMI campuses at the centre of Bandung city is very strategic. Why? First, its locations either on Ir. H. Juanda street or on Pasirkaliki street are accessible by private vehicles as well as public transports. Second, both locations are close to public activities like shopping centre to facilitate student boarders to get their daily needs. Student candidates coming from other cities do not need to be worried as there have been a lot of boarding or rent houses only up to ten minutes away from STMIK-LIKMI campuses.

Teaching Staffs With Additional Value

Teaching Staff Quality is one of the aspects as a determinant to the education standard at a higher education institution. LIKMI teaching staffs are highly dedicated to computer education and experienced, theoretically and in practice. The educator`s dedication and commitment are shown through their best selling books, such as the serial editions Jam Belajar Komputer (Computer Learning Hours) and Seri Penuntun Praktis (Practical Guide Series) which have been published by a computer field outstanding publisher. Those publications have become reference materials for high school as well computer college students all over Indonesia.

Education System

The education materials are delivered in lectures/ seminars/ discussions and practicum to guarantee the achievement of LINK AND MATCH concept. All learning subjects/ computer lectures are carried out in "learning by doing" system to get students accustomed to applying the theories and practices they have gained. With this system, we hope those who have not gained sufficient computer knowledge may master the learning subjects well. While for those who have achieved sufficient computer basics, this education is an appropriate means to increase their knowledge and practical expertise rarely given by other education institutions.