Mr.IT Information Terminal

Mr It is a computer terminal available at STMIK-LIKMI campuses to meet student needs to access academic information self service. IT in the name Mr IT stands for Information Terminal. Mr IT has made use of sophisticated input devices : touch screen and smart card. To use it, first you have to insert Student ID into the smart card reader slot. That way, Mr IT will identify the NPM data and directly serve specific academic information. Afterwards the student may choose from the menu and interact with Mr IT by touching the screen (touch screen facility). Varieties of information served by Mr IT are:
  • Score list of all studied lecture subjects
  • Detailed score list of the on going lecture subjects
  • Lecture Schedule
  • Mid-test and final-test schedule
  • Academic calendar
Mr IT also provides students with facilities to:
  • Fill in FRS (Study Plan Form) online
  • Calculate GPA simulation
  • Printing out academic calendar, score list, mid-test and final-test schedule, and lecture schedule