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From the establishment of the first universities to Male workers in 1887, RMIT has had a name as a university that is responsive to the demands of students and industry. Today we are a university that developed the technology world a strong international reputation for excellence in professional and vocational education. A number of our majors have been put in the category of the top 200 by the Times Higher Education Supplement (special sheets of higher education of the Times newspaper).

RMIT strive to provide education, training and research of high quality and practical focus. University programs include work placements in industry, work experience and followers of the participation of practitioners in teaching. Working together with industry to provide problem solving, new ideas and new processes that deliver results that are really good are an integral part of teaching, learning and our research.
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International Programme STMIK LIKMI - RMIT University

In 2014, STMIK LIKMI collaborated with RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University in Australia, so that STMIK LIKMI's students have the privilege to transfer credit ​​in order to achieve a Bachelor of Information Technology from RMIT University.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

STMIK LIKMI accommodate the needs of your education abroad, in collaboration with RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. You can achieve a Bachelor of IT from RMIT University. The first and second year can be taken in STMIK LIKMI, then proceed directly to the third year at RMIT University.

International Programs Benefit STMIK LIKMI - RMIT UNIVERSITY

  1. Privileges to transfer credits. You have the chance to earn the prestigious title in the IT field , enough with the 1-year course of study in Australia, because some courses you have taken in STMIK LIKMI can be transferred to RMIT University.
  2. By having a degree from a university abroad, you are more prepared to have a competitive edge of ACFTA in 2015, where foreign workers from abroad will come in and be able to work in Indonesia and Indonesian workers can work overseas.
  3. Cost of study is more efficient, because the period of study abroad is only 1 year.
  4. You have experience of studying abroad that can increase your insight and also provide an opportunity to have an extensive network of relationships and meet more friends from many countries.

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