Postgraduate Course
(Master of Information System)


Postgraduate Course in Information System

Accreditation B

Postgraduate Course maybe is not for everyone. But for many people, acquiring Master Degree is a right step to advance in their future careers.

Since academic year of 2006/2007, STMIK-LIKMI proudly open Master Course in Information System (Degree: M.Kom.), consisting two specialization:
  • Business Information System
  • Information System Engineering
We have prepared the best education for the leader (CIO/ Chief Information Officer) candidates. Even if your bachelor degree is in science, arts, law, economy, psychology, etc.

This Master Course can help you in achieving IT career, with providing supportive atmosphere. With this education course held, STMIK-LIKMI has become the first and only private university that conduct master education course especially in Information System. The trust that given to us, has shown that STMIK-LIKMI have all of the resources (man-power and facility) and good-education quality.