SMS For Academic Information System (SAIS)

As told by its name, SAIS uses SMS as the data bearer. SMS media is chosen on the ground that this media has been widely used for its enormous effectiveness.

Nowadays almost all cell phones have provided SMS media. However, considering the character capacity limitation at SMS, the information presentable through SAIS.

As a prerequisite, first a student has to register his cell phone number through Mr IT terminal. He can register two numbers at once. Next, to access a particular information, leave a message consisting of the Student ID + the requested code (Request Code) then send it to +6281 721 9966. Soon STMIK-LIKMI SMS Gateway terminal will respond the request by sending an SMS reply containing the requested information.

The information varieties that can be gained through SAIS are:
  • GPA + the number of credits passed
  • Scores of particular subjects
  • Lecture Schedule
  • Mid-test and final-test schedule
Besides, SAIS also provides various information about New Student Intake.