Via Web (AIS-Net)

Academic Information System by Internet (AISNet)

Through an internet connection, a student can visit STMIK-LIKMI website (, that provides various and complete academic information. students can get an internet access at home, offices, or internet services (including at the charge free internet provided by LIKMI).

Only by selecting LOGIN link and filling in Student ID and Password Code, a STMIK-LIKMI student can directly open information about:
  • Score list of all subjects ever learnt
  • Detail score list of subject in a particular semester
  • Lecture schedule
  • Mid-test and Final test schedule
  • Academic Calendar
  • List of tutorial lectures
  • Thesis Exam schedule
  • Schedule of consultation with Homeroom Lecturers
In addition, there are facilities to:
  • Fill in the Study Plan Form (FRS) online
  • Calculate GPA simulation
  • Inform job opportunities
  • Inform new student intakes
  • Download lecture materials